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a little MORE about me...

My name is Meghan, some people call me Meg, and my favorite people call me Megs. I am 23 years old and doing my best to create a life that I love waking up to. I am currently in the 'in between' stage of my life, looking forward to solidifying my future plans, while reminding myself to stay present in every moment. 

The phrase "Live Freely, Love Deeply" was brought into my life during a time of friendship, inspiration, and clarity. It has stuck with me for five years now and I have always known I wanted to do something with it. I have also always been a creative person, growing a passion for writing and design. Starting a blog has been a recent dream of mine, although I could never decide on one area/topic to focus on. I came to the conclusion to just start and let my blog/brand speak for itself. 


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