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It's Been A While: New Recipes and Routines

Hi! It's been longer than I wish it was since my last post, but one of my new goals for the year is to stop looking back at things that I did or didn't do and instead start looking forward to what I can and will do.

So, here we are a few months later and I'm still in the same boat. Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed, but I keep reminding myself to keep moving forward. I've set some new goals and started new routines to get back on track. I hope if you've read my other posts and came back to this one, that you have tried to (or let this be a reminder to) set new goals for yourself throughout the year. Referring back to my last post, my first goal of the new year was to start cooking meals at home more with my family in order to focus on clean eating. We fell off this stricter routine as time went on, but still try to make a meal plan each week. I have learned some new recipes that feel easier to make now, and I hope you try them out! This Sausage and Tortellini Recipe a friend shared with me has become my favorite one-pot meal! I also like to make this flavorful Baked Chicken Recipe with roasted broccoli and potatoes as a quick and easy meal! Lately we have been getting back into cooking regularly and I am looking forward to starting my own meal planning routine as I move to my shore house for the summer.

I have been getting really into wellness lately and learning how my body feels when I eat better and keep to morning and night routines. I haven't stayed consistent doing my full routines everyday until this past week where I added a few wellness practices to my mornings. I'm a fairly casual person so this routine is very simple and doesn't take much time. My goal is to stay consistent and make these routines a habit, and I guess I'm halfway there already!

To start my new morning routine I have been waking up a little bit earlier everyday. When I'm consistently up earlier I allow myself the time to have an uninterrupted morning routine before I start my day. The first wellness practice I've added to my routine is drinking apple cider vinegar water first thing on an empty stomach. This is supposed to help with digestion as a probiotic, clear harmful bacteria, as well as help regulate blood sugar levels as you eat. It is not very fun to drink, but I feel like it's making a difference already. Next, I also added coconut oil pulling to my oral hygiene in the morning. For this, you should start by flossing, then you take about a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth like mouthwash for a time period, I do 20 minutes. It takes a few second for the solid oil to melt in your mouth, but you can also melt it in the microwave beforehand if you don't like the texture as it melts. After you spit it into the trash (as in the sink it can clog your pipes) you tongue scrape and then brush thoroughly. Coconut oil pulling is said to help oral health through removing harmful bacteria and toxins from the mouth, freshen your breath, and potentially whiten your teeth. I have been consistent for a week and I really enjoy it! This might just be because it is much easier than the apple cider vinegar, but I think it helps set a time-limit for the rest of my routine to be done before I am finished. The remainder of my routine consists of washing my face, doing skincare, sometimes makeup, styling my hair, and then picking an outfit for the day.

I enjoy this new routine because it's very simple, I can have a quiet morning, and it doesn't take long to get ready. It also gives me time to wake up naturally before I have my coffee, which I make after I have breakfast. This week I felt much more put together and have been more productive during the day.

My night routine is not as detailed as my morning routine, and there is no set time for when it happens, but I will detail my ideal timing for weekdays. As long as the day doesn't go by too quickly, I like to get a workout in by 6pm. My workouts don't tend to be very long, at least not when I am getting back into moving my body consistently everyday. After this I have dinner with my family and help clean up. Then it's time for my night routine of a shower, skincare, brush teeth, and get cozy in my room. I enjoy having my nights to myself because my room is a comfort place. I like to read, do something creative online like making a Pinterest board, or watch a show. My night routine starts strong but lets me slowly wind down before going to sleep. On weekends I am usually doing something with family or friends so my routine gets squeezed into simply making sure I wash my face, do skincare, and brush my teeth.

With all that said, I hope this motivates you to create some new routines, try new recipes, or add some wellness practices into your daily routine! If you've been feeling stuck, I find that adding something new to your day, whatever it might be, can make a bigger difference than you think. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, what do you want it to look like?

I'm hoping just as much that this keeps me accountable to continuing my routines and starting new goals. As I continue these new routines I'd like to add writing blog posts to my creative time at night. I find it is a good outlet and I hope to keep it growing. If there are any topics you'd like to read about or routines you have been getting into that you'd like to share please reach out! :)

Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a sunny day! 🌞

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