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New Year, Same Me: 2023

We are currently a little over two weeks into the new year. So far I'd say it's going relatively well. I've never been too much of a new years resolution person. Of course I've set some goals for myself in the past, but come February they are usually far from my mind. In recent years, I've reinvented, or gotten back on track with, myself multiple times throughout the year. So this New Years didn't seem especially groundbreaking to me, which I'd say is a bit of a relief.

On the outside, not much changes as the clock hits midnight. The next day may feel like a refresh, but soon we return to work or school and are faced with the same challenges from before the holidays. I think it's okay to realize this because it takes the pressure away from "new year, new me" when it's a new year and the same me from a week ago. It might feel discouraging, but it doesn't have to be. What matters when the clock hits midnight and we wake up the next day is our mindset. Focusing on improving ourselves, to whatever degree that means for someone, is what a new year is about. As I mentioned, I tend to set new goals as I grow throughout the year. I never usually keep track, but I think talking about them here will hold me accountable.

At this moment in my life I'm in the "in-between" or "figuring-it-out" phase. I'm still trying to find my place and routine post-grad and it's been a little hectic. The holidays this year forced me to slow down a bit and take things one at a time, which I plan to do through the year. I like the idea of focusing on one or two things per month to better myself continuously throughout the year. Doing this can allow you to be present and slow down throughout the year, seeing progress each month.

This January, my resolution is to cook more meals at home. When I was living in an apartment at college I cooked just about every meal myself. Now that I am living at home again, I have been thrown off of a schedule and simply joining in on what my parents planned for dinner. With the new year, a growing interest in clean and fresh eating, and countless saved TikTok and Pinterest recipes, I set the goal of planning and cooking more meals at home. Two weeks in and I am happy to say I have stuck to my resolution, even inspiring my parents to create a schedule for the week so we can all take turns trying new recipes and eating better altogether. I'm excited to get back into the routine of planning and creating my meals.

I encourage whoever is reading this to set goals throughout the year, mini-resolutions if you will. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a long list of goals/habits they are constantly wanting to try. Try sticking to one or two each month, if something comes to you easily and you can fit a third by all means do it! I believe in you. Just be sure not to push yourself, slow progress is still progress.

Thank you for reading! :) I'm still figuring this blog out, but I've seen so many creators say to just start doing whatever it is you've been thinking about, even if it's bad at first. I think I'm doing pretty well so far, but I'm excited to fully establish this whole blog thing. So, thank you for being here with me for this journey :)

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