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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

If you couldn't tell, that's me in the picture. This was taken during one of the best summers of my life: Summer 2021. I was working at my summer job in a shore town on the East Coast. I was a waitress in the mornings, going to the beach in the afternoons, and making plans with my friends every week. I worked with the most amazing and inspiring people, whom I love dearly. We lived quite the VSCO worthy summer and I loved every second of it.

Pretty soon we all went back to school, living states apart, and not keeping as in touch. These friendships are the kind that resume like no time has passed when you see them again.

Here we are a little over a year later and that carefree and social summer has turned to a cold and secluded post-grad winter. It isn't all that bad, but it is a change of pace that I was not prepared for. The sudden big life decisions and never-ending questions about what I am "up to these days" from family and friends hit me like the tree branch that fell onto and totaled my car this past Spring. Which seemingly was an innuendo to the stress of post-grad life I have encountered thus far. I am determined to change that narrative though.

I do believe that the energy, prayers, or whatever else you might describe it as, that we put out into the world comes back to us. I know that tree branch fell on my car during an already stressful time of my senior year of college life. I wasn't looking on the brighter side of things like I try to most of the time, and that tree branch added a weight onto an already heavy load. I am proud of myself for getting through the craziness that was the end of my college career. I worked hard and focused on the little things to keep me going. I am starting this blog to continue to hold myself accountable for finding the joys of life in every moment.

Live Freely, Love Deeply is where I will share my thoughts, photography, and any tips of tricks I find important and helpful. I'm sure this blog will change as I do, so all I ask is that you continue appreciating the moment by living freely and loving deeply.

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